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SoldWell Financial


We build a plan that works for YOU and gets you funded.

SoldWell Financial is a funding services company that specializes in deal structuring, financial modelling and funding. From financial analysis, deal structuring and eligibility, packaging, funding, and closing compliance; SoldWell Financial works to get you funded.

Our Approach

SoldWell Financial understands that new and existing businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits looking for loans or lines of credit can face challenges that extend past financing needs. To specifically address the needs that prospective and current borrowers might have, SoldWell Financial offers lending positioning & financial modelling services. The goals of these services are to enhance potential borrowers’ “loan positioning” so they have a better chance to receive financing.


Do a free 15 minute phone consultation then complete the 60-second online assessment form.


Review the complete deal and all the financial documents including personal.



Develop a funding plan that targets the correct lenders to give the best chance of getting deals funded.


Review the  current business financials and develop accurate financials + financial projections.


  • Financial Analysis

  • Financial Modelling

  • Deal Structuring

  • Deal Positioning

  • Deal Negotiating

  • Business Searches

  • Market Research

  • Business Plans

  • Valuations

  • Appraisals



Frequently Asked Questions

What are your maximum and minimum loan amounts?

SoldWell Financial is a leading funding consultant for multimillion-dollar real estate investments. We have no maximum and regularly are involved with projects above $10 million. 

What is the minimum credit score to qualify?

The preferred minimum credit score is 620.

What is your maximum loan to value?

Most funding generally does not exceed 80% ARV (After Repaired Value). This amount can include purchase price, rehab costs and closing costs.

What is the cost to get started?

There is a non-refundable retainer of CAD $500 that is due at the start of the process.

Are there any more costs?

Yes. Depending on your funding path will determine any broker fees; in addition the big banks and other institutional lenders have additional application fee’s (eg. CSBFL government backed bank loan has an application fee).

Is the role of SoldWell Financial to arrange financing?

Yes and no….SoldWell Financial is an experienced advisory group that helps position your deal so it has the best chance of getting approved. One of the roles that SoldWell Financial can assist with is shopping your deal to our vast funding network but our main services are the poisitioning of your deal including financial projections.